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For parents going through a child custody case, it can be an emotionally challenging time. A good parent can lose primary custody as a result of the Court’s decision. If both parents are fit to parent and can set aside their differences to focus on their children, both parents can maintain a loving and relevant relationship with their children, despite living separately from the other parent. At Krusch Law, PLLC, our South Carolina family lawyers have over six decades of collaborative experience and can provide legal representation and negotiation services for your child custody situation.

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What Is Visitation & Custody?

Visitation and custody are terms used to describe physical custody schedules. Legal custody involves being able to make decisions about your children’s lifestyle. Legal custody can be joint, or sole, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Visitation is the schedule of which parent is taking care of the child at any given time. There can be instances where one parent is clearly a better fit for the children or one parent is unfit. The court can rule that a parent has a reduced role in the decision-making process for their children. For these reasons, legal representation in child custody litigation is absolutely critical.

There are several factors that judges will consider, such as:

  • The schedule of the child and parents
  • Child’s medical and educational needs
  • Religious backgrounds of parent and child
  • Physical ability of each parent to provide child care
  • The age of each child
  • The relational bond the child has with each parent
  • Distance between each parents’ residence
  • The relationship the parents have with each other
  • Any history of domestic violence

Courts no longer operate with the presumption that the mother should be the best custodian in all cases. Judges are now to look at who has been the primary caretaker and what the each parent is able and willing to do to care the children. Child custody decisions are very focused on the facts. In order to understand how your individual situation might affect your custody case, you should meet with a South Carolina family law attorney before proceeding to court or accepting any schedule your ex-spouse offers you.

Modification of Child Custody

After a judge makes an order regarding child custody, it can be challenging to change it. The circumstances that the Court used to make its ruling may have changed. This is where a South Carolina child custody attorney can help you demonstrate to the court that the change has an effect on the well-being of your children. It can be that you or the other parent is relocating, there is a change in employment or some other major change.

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