Family Law Mediation

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Sometimes the best option in a family law dispute is not to charge ahead and through any opposition your spouse is creating. Instead you might benefit from deciding to work through the issues with the help of a neutral third-party mediator. At Krusch Law, PLLC, our South Carolina family law attorneys are capable of fulfilling this role and overseeing the meditation process so that your best interests are still upheld at the end of it.

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Issues That May Be Mediated

Avoiding multiple back-and-forth court dates can save you time, money, and energy. Mediation makes this possible by allowing you and your ex-spouse – or soon-to-be – settle the majority of the potential family law issues in divorce on your own and in a conference room.

During your mediation, you can discuss the following and more:

It should be noted that many issues will still need to be approved or finalized by the family law court. To this end, it is important to create agreements during mediation that will not be rejected by the court due to potential one-sidedness. In particular, the court will analyze very closely anything that has to do with your children.

Mediator’s Role in Mediation

The mediator hired for your case does not actually make decisions for either party, nor will they heavily encourage one decision over another. The mediator is mainly there to ensure that balanced discussions take place and the important points of contention are resolved as amicably as possible. If there does not seem to be the possibility of civil or fair discussions, the mediator should terminate the process and direct both parties to divorce attorneys.

Explore Your Options & Seek Peace

Alternatives to court are generally considered to try to sidestep unnecessary conflicts that would have otherwise derailed a family law or divorce proceeding. Our South Carolina family law attorneys keep this mindset of collaboration, or at least of cooperation, during mediation. You will find that it could be the right avenue for you to explore if you want to bring your family law dispute to a close as soon as possible.

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