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Taking a Collaborative Approach to Your Case

If you are thinking about a divorce, we encourage you to learn more about collaborative law divorce. While this option is different than traditional divorce processes, it offers many benefits to couples who are able to work together in dissolving their marriage.

At Krusch Law, PLLC, we are pleased to represent clients in a collaborative family law case. Lindsey Dasher is a trained collaborative lawyer and member of the Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals as well as the North Carolina Association of Collaborative Divorce Professionals.

Our collaborative divorce lawyers are thoroughly trained on the process involved in such cases, ensuring you get insightful, reliable guidance from start to finish.

What Is a Collaborative Law Divorce?

For many people, the divorce process can seem far too adversarial and contentious. While the traditional method of divorce works for many, others find it destructive and too damaging when they must stay in contact with their former spouse or simply don't want such a harsh environment to dissolve their marriage. This makes collaborative divorce a very attractive option.

In a collaborative divorce:

  • Both spouses have their own attorney to ensure their rights are effectively advocated for and that they understand the legal aspects involved.
  • There are no court filings, stating positions, listing grievances, or very formal processes of discovery.
  • Direct and open communication between spouses and an open exchange of ideas and information is essential to the process.

Both spouses will meet together to discuss their issues and any disputes with the primary goal of resolving the problem and coming to a collaborative solution. They will also have to sign a collaborative agreement that states their intentions to all matters without having to go to trial, better-developing communication and disclosure between the couple.

Should either spouse want to take the case to court at any time, both attorneys must cease the collaboration process and may no longer represent the parties. This discourages both parties from pursuing the option of going to trial as they strive to resolve any disputes through mutual agreement.

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