Alternatives to Court in South Carolina

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For many family law issues in South Carolina, you can resolve them outside of the court through mediation. Mediation in domestic cases is mandatory in many counties in South Carolina – including York County. Mediation is not yet mandatory in Lancaster County, although it is certainly encouraged in all cases. Our South Carolina family law attorneys can provide effective mediation services.

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In mandatory mediation counties, parties must schedule and attend mediation together prior to having their domestic claims permanently adjudicated in the courtroom. It is common for the parties to be able to resolve their issues with the assistance of their attorneys and a trained mediator – and to walk out of a mediation with a signed agreement which resolves all of the issues between the parties. Typically, when parties are either ordered to mediation or agree to voluntarily attend mediation, their attorneys work together to agree upon who they will use as their trained mediator, who is also an attorney, and to schedule a mutually agreeable mediation date.

The Mediation Process

Prior to mediation, the mediator will gather information about the case from the attorneys so that he or she is fully informed and up to speed on all issues in the case. At mediation, the mediator works as a third party neutral to negotiate a resolution on all issues between the parties. The mediator’s job is to settle the case – and he or she should work hard to do just that. A successful resolution at mediation requires a compromise from both sides, but in South Carolina, when two parties are willing to work together to resolve their issues outside of the courtroom, there is a high likelihood that both parties will walk away feeling like they negotiated a resolution that is livable for everyone involved.

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