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No one cares about their clients’ futures and wellbeing more than Krusch & Sellers, P.A. in South Carolina. With years of collective legal experience and an intentional focus on divorce and family law, our South Carolina team has the skills and knowledgeability to guide you through any dispute with as little stress as possible. We know that our clients rely on us to be capable and dedicated, regardless of the challenges surrounding their cases. For this reason and more, we make constant efforts to improve our own talents and legal understanding through continued legal education (CLE) courses and similar training exercises, ensuring we are ahead of the ever-changing landscape of South Carolina’s laws, regulations, and procedures.

When our South Carolina family lawyers first approach a case, we tend to use a lens of cooperation. If we can use mediation or collaboration to solve your family law dispute or divorce issues, then we might be able to save you time, money, and energy. Sometimes the stakes are too high or nerves are too frayed to cooperate, such as when child custody, child support, or property division has sparked serious arguments in the past. Have no worries. Our family law attorneys are ready and willing to take matters to litigation whenever necessary, pulling no punches in court so long as it means you and your children have your best interests upheld.

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