Client Advocate

Claire Krusch


We want to be sure you are getting excellent client service from our firm. Our experienced client advocate serves as a liaison between you and your attorney. The client advocate is a support service that is available to you.

If you have a concern as a client or general questions concerning the staff or attorneys handling your case, please contact Claire Krusch at 704-412-9104 or email

Ms. Krusch is not an attorney and therefore cannot answer any legal questions, and will NOT have information to determine the status of your case.

Common Questions Clients ask our Client Advocate

I haven’t heard anything recently. What is the status of my case?

There are times when nothing can be done in your action for a variety of reasons. Rest assured that when something IS happening, you will know. But, if you need reassurance, you may always contact the attorney and his or her paralegal to request an update on your case.

What can I do to get my emails or calls responded to more quickly?

Our attorneys are balancing many deadlines, and they have to prioritize their cases based on some factors that are out of their control. They also regularly find themselves in Court or other meetings. As such, they need time to respond. If you have not received a response to your message from your attorney or his or her paralegal within 24 business hours, please try again and confirm that the message was received. However, if you have called 3 times in 30 minutes, please understand it is not accurate to advise us that you have left 3 messages and have not heard back. Sometimes, an urgent question can wait. Sometimes, there is a true emergency which needs attention or it will affect your case negatively. All phone messages and emails are reviewed in a timely fashion. To make sure your messages are returned as quickly as possible, always copy your attorney’s paralegal on the communication and be specific about the problem and any timeline that exists for resolution.