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Post-divorce modifications of agreements or court orders can be performed both inside and outside of the courtroom. If your original divorce or child support agreement was reached with relatively little conflict, you may be able to have your agreement amended without going to court, yet this is often not the case.

In the event you need to have your divorce agreement modified, our Charlotte divorce attorney at Krusch Law, PLLC can assist you. Our family law firm has over four decades of experience handling a wide range of divorce-related disputes and can work toward having your situation resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Do I Need a Lawyer for My Case?

If reaching the original agreement or obtaining the original court order was relatively conflict-free, perhaps you can arrange a modification with a low amount of conflict. On the other hand, if the matter was full of tension and strong disagreements, then you may find the modification process to be difficult as well. Most post-divorce agreements require the aid of legal representative to ensure that both parties come to a fair and amicable agreement.

When Are Post-Divorce Modifications Possible?

The most common types of modifications relate to:

  • Child support: If one parent’s income goes substantially up or down, the amount of child support may change. When one child reaches the age of majority, you may have to formally modify the child support order for the remaining child or children. If the child’s educational or medical needs change, one parent may apply for increased child support.
  • Child custody and visitation: If the parent with primary custody wants to relocate out of state with the child, the noncustodial parent may object. Or, the noncustodial parent may approve but wish to change the visitation order. Parents may also want to change child custody or visitation arrangements if they suspect unfit parenting practices such as alcohol or drug abuse or neglect or abuse of the child.
  • Alimony: Post-divorce modifications of alimony orders are less common but do come up occasionally. If one of the former spouses finds him or herself in greatly changed financial circumstances, he or she may wish to ask the court to decrease or increase a spousal support order.

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