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Divorce is an anxious and uncertain time for anyone. You may feel that your ex-spouse has more power than you have, you may worry that you don’t have the financial resources to fully protect your rights during a divorce, or you may wonder whether a divorce court judge will see things your way or side with your ex instead.

The divorce process involves two people who no longer wish to share their lives, and it requires them to work together one last time—if they can—to make sure that the separation is fair for each adult and safe for the children. You must negotiate how to divide marital property; share debt responsibilities; and manage cash flow between two homes; and if applicable, how to arrange child custody and child support.

If you are getting divorced in the Charlotte metro area, we encourage you to learn more about the family law firm of Krusch & Sellers, P.A., located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our firm practices exclusively in divorce and family law matters.

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