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Contempt of Court

Sometimes court action is not over after a court ruling is reduced to a written order and signed by the judge. Unfortunately, some parties do not abide by the order. In those cases, the other side must often take the offending party back to court to enforce the order. This process is called filing for contempt.

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How Is Contempt of Court Established?

In order to establish that the offending party is in civil contempt of the court order, the party filing the contempt motion must show that:

  • The order is still in effect;
  • The purpose of the order can still be served by compliance with the order;
  • The failure to comply with the order was willful; and
  • The person was able to comply or take reasonable steps to comply with the order.

A party found in contempt can be faced with monetary sanctions and/or imprisonment. There is also the option of criminal contempt for willful disobedience of a court’s lawful order. A person found guilty of criminal contempt can face a fine and/or imprisonment. You cannot be found in both civil and criminal contempt at one time.

Separation Agreement Violations

When a party has violated provisions in a separation agreement, he or she cannot be held in contempt because there is no court order. To force compliance, the party who wishes to enforce the separation agreement must file an action for specific performance. Specific performance is a special contract enforcement action for family contracts like separation agreements. These actions can be lengthy and costly, and can even involve a trial by jury.

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