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Not only is divorce mediation becoming a more popular way to resolve disputes, it is also increasingly required in many North Carolina judicial districts. Many judicial districts require alternative dispute resolution such as divorce mediation in family law cases to resolve issues like child custody and visitation arrangements. Many courts also require divorce mediation to resolve financial issues. This program is called Family Financial Settlement and it uses a mediator to help divorcing spouses resolve financial issues such as child support, property division and spousal support.

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Choosing the Right Mediator for Your Case

If you are considering mediation or are required to use mediation in your divorce, how do you choose a mediator or an attorney to help you mediate? We encourage you to investigate the resources available at the law firm of Krusch Law, PLLC.

Attorney Alan R. Krusch is an experienced and well-versed mediator. Additionally, he is a knowledgeable Charlotte family law attorney. Having a lawyer who is a trained mediator can be helpful when you need a lawyer on your side through the process. As a trained mediator, our attorney can help you understand the mediator’s role, the process, and the give and take necessary to conclude mediation with an agreement.

Likewise, we are also equipped to serve as your mediator through the process, using our years of insight and regular training to provide the best possible mediation services. Alan's goal as a mediator is to ensure a favorable resolution for both sides, while his role as a Charlotte family lawyer is to ensure our clients' rights remain safeguarded. In either case, we have the qualifications and understanding to help.

Hiring Our Firm for Private Mediation in Charlotte, NC

In addition to representing individuals going through divorce, we are able to assist spouses with resolving their disputes by acting in the role of mediator. As a mediator, Alan Krusch acts to assist you and your spouse to reach a settlement. We can do that whether you have an attorney or not.

Some things to know about mediation:

  • When we act as a mediator, we cannot provide you with legal advice because a mediator is, by definition, neutral.
  • You are encouraged to still get legal advice from a family law attorney during the mediation process.
  • Your mediator should be focused on facilitating an agreement between you and your spouse that each of you can live with.
  • Mediation allows you to both get what you want, without the time and expense of litigation in court.

If you wish to consider mediation, you and your spouse must both be in agreement over the mediator you select. If you are interested in having us act as mediator, we can meet with you both together to discuss the process. Once we meet, we will not be able to represent one of you against the other or give you legal advice, as to do so would not be within our role as mediator. However, many couples have found that mediation is a cost-effective alternative to court when it comes to resolving their disputes.

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Whether you decide to go through your family law or divorce case with a mediator or need a seasoned Charlotte family lawyer by your side throughout the process, Krusch Law, PLLC is here to help. With over 41 years of experience, do not hesitate to reach out to our firm to discuss your mediation needs. We look forward to serving you!

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