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The Charlotte divorce attorney at Krusch Law, PLLC is dedicated to helping you navigate your divorce. We understand that this time can be stressful and overwhelming, as there are dozens of decisions you need to make and are unsure of where to turn to.

When it comes to alimony and spousal support we can help determine what the best possible outcome for your situation. Our Charlotte spousal support attorney has over four decades of experience and can answer any questions or concerns you may have during this process.

  • Factors to consider when calculating alimony and spousal support include:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • Relative earning potential of each party
  • Income disparity between both parties

Alimony & Support

Post-separation support and alimony are payable by a “supporting spouse” to a “dependent spouse” and may be payable until remarriage, death, cohabitation or for a specified period of time. Whether spousal support will be paid, how much spousal support will be payable and for how long spousal support will be paid are typically contentious issues.

If you believe that alimony (spousal support) will be an issue of contention in your divorce or separation, you should consult with our Charlotte alimony lawyer who can help you understand the relevant legal issues and your rights and responsibilities concerning spousal support.

Some questions that may be taken into consideration when calculating spousal support or alimony include:

  • Did one spouse commit a marital fault, such as an extramarital affair or abuse?

  • Did one spouse waste marital assets, resulting in fewer assets for the spouses to share after the divorce?

  • How long was the marriage?

  • What are the spouses’ educational and professional backgrounds?

  • Do both spouses have a history of working outside the home?

  • What type of lifestyle did the spouses enjoy during the marriage?

  • Does one spouse need additional education or vocational training in order to enter the workforce?

Answers to these and other questions will have a tremendous impact on a judge’s decision about whether to order post-separation support or alimony in a specific case.

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Judicial decisions about alimony and post separation support are much more flexible than decisions about child support, and therefore there is more room for negotiation and creative solutions between the divorcing spouses.

If you have concerns about spousal support, whether during a legal separation or as part of a divorce agreement, we encourage you to contact us at Krusch Law, PLLC to see how we can help. Our knowledgeable Charlotte divorce lawyer provides practical advice and protective legal representation.

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