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Child support is determined in the majority of cases by the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. Generally speaking, child support is calculated based on both parents’ gross incomes.

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How is Child Support Determined in NC?

When calculating child support, the following factors may come into play, such as:

  • The number of dependents from your current relationship
  • The number of dependents from the previous relationship
  • Any potential health care costs related to your children
  • Expenses related to childcare or any other work-related care
  • Number of nights the child/children spend(s) with each parent

Calculating Child Support in Charlotte

Essentially, the expenses of the child are to be shared by both parents in proportion to each of their total income.

Worksheet A

This worksheet will be used in a case where there is a primary parent and a secondary parent.

Worksheet B

This worksheet will be used to determine child support payments if there are two parents sharing parenting time more equally.

Worksheet C

This worksheet will be used if multiple children reside in different households, usually meaning that one parent has primary custody of one child, and the other parent has primary custody of another child.

Children Outside of the Relationship

While child support calculations take into account each parent’s financial responsibilities to their children, such calculations can often be affected if either party had children prior to entering their current relationship. In this regard, the amount of required child support deemed appropriate is re-calculated based upon prior court orders and each parent’s gross income.

How Long Must You Pay Child Support in NC?

Under normal circumstances, you must pay financial support to the child until he or she reaches the age of 18. This may be extended to 20 if the child has not graduated high school. Financial obligations can also end before 18 if the child marries, joins the military, or is emancipated by a court.

Health Insurance & Reimbursements

When there is health insurance coverage for the child/children, the parent who pays the monthly insurance premium may have the amount paid credited to him or her in the child support calculations.

Each of the following factors can affect child support calculations:

  • Potential medical expenses
  • Insurance premiums and the division of primary coverage
  • Co-pays, deductibles, and prescription cost outside of your insurance
  • Any decisions made by the court regarding insurance responsibly

Only the cost of the insurance premium attributable to the child/children would be included in child support calculations, even though a parent likely pays for his or her own insurance as well as insurance for his or her child/children. The cost of the parent’s insurance is not a factor in a child support calculation.

Dividing Your Expenses

In the event that your and your spouse’s incomes are far part, the court may calculate a child support agreement that factors in each parties potential contribution level. For example, if one parent has $70,000 annual income and the other has $30,000, then they might share the uninsured costs with one paying 70 percent and the other paying 30 percent of each expense.

Because of the extremely complex nature of child support calculations, you should consider speaking with our Charlotte child support lawyers to help you calculate the amount of child support necessary for both parties in your divorce.

Day Care & Additional Costs

Just as healthcare-related cost are often factored into your child support calculation, any type of child care, daycare, or extracurricular care will also be factored into the amount of child support necessary each month.

Additional cost that can be factored into child support calculations include:

  • After-school enrichment programs
  • Tuition for special or private schools
  • Private tutoring and intense training

Many times, parents negotiate payment for college tuition and expenses; however, the courts have no power to order a parent to pay for college, unless he or she has already signed a formal agreement to do so.

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Each case is different, but the law provides that the child support guidelines govern child support unless there is a reason to deviate from the guidelines. In the event that you are going through a divorce and need assistance obtaining child support, alimony, or need to have your child support agreement modified, our Charlotte child support attorneys are here. With over 40 years of experience, we can help you.

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