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Tips for a Successful Child Support Case

Raising a child can be expensive. This is especially the case for single parents who have to bear the costs of raising their children alone. North Carolina courts allow custodial parents in this situation to seek financial assistance from the other parent of their child through mandated child support payments. This process can be intimidating. Allowing a judge to decide how much money you will receive might leave you feeling powerless. However, child support determinations are mostly based on the financial information you provide to the judge.

File Early

Anyone filing for child support for the first time should file as soon as possible. North Carolina only allows retroactive child support based on missed payments. Retroactive child support payments cannot be made if an order was not in effect. Therefore, a custodial parent who files for child support early will receive more assistance over the lifetime of their child than a parent who waits to file.

Be Honest About Your Financial Situation

A judge will make a determination regarding child support payments based on the financial situation of the custodial parent as well as the income of the noncustodial parent, or parent who will make payments. Being honest about your financial situation is the best way to ensure you receive the child support payments you need and are entitled to. The documentation you can use to prove your income and expenses includes:

  • Tax returns
  • Pay stubs
  • The expenses and income from a business if self-employed
  • The expenses associated with caring for your child
  • The cost of health insurance if your child is on your plan
  • Medical expenses for a child with disabilities

The custodial and noncustodial parent will have to provide the same information, but some parents do not follow through. An experienced child support lawyer can help you compile the necessary information.

Be Cooperative

The North Carolina courts will pay attention to how willing each parent is to support the relationship between their child and their child’s other parent. It can be difficult to cooperate with the parent of your child, especially if you had to bring them to court to get them to help support the child. However, most judges want to make sure you are not making it more difficult for their relationship with the child to flourish.

Staying on topic and reassuring the judge that you have requested the hearing to ensure your children are provided for will help make a positive impression.

Let the Court Help You Enforce Payments

If the court enacts a child support order and the other parent of your child does not make the necessary payments, the court can help enforce them. The court has the power to have child support payments automatically withdrawn from that person’s paychecks, suspend their driver’s license, and even sentence them to jail time. Trying to enforce a child support order yourself could create additional animosity between you and your child’s parent that could make handling other issues, such as custody modifications, more difficult later on.

We’ll Fight Together

Krusch Law, PLLC can help you put together a complete and compelling child support case to present to a judge. We understand the importance of having financial assistance when raising a child, which is why we will fight tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you receive the amount of support you are entitled to. We can also help you if your child’s parent is not making the payments required of them by an existing child support order. Reach out at (704) 343-8811 or online for a consultation.