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Can I Modify My Child Support Order?

You might be looking to modify your child support orders after either party remarries, you’ve experienced a job loss or the needs of your child have significantly changed (i.e., received a serious health diagnosis, has special educational needs, etc.). According to North Carolina Gen. Stat. § 50-13.7, child support can be modified at any time, when a motion is filed and evidence of a change in circumstances is provided by either party. Limitations do apply if the child support payments are past due (NC Gen. Stat. § 50-13.10).

How to Modify Child Support Orders in North Carolina

To start the modification process, you should file for a modification. After you file, a judge will review the motion in court. You should have documents or other evidence that validates your request. An attorney or a Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSE) representative should be able to help you navigate this process.

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) aims to uniformly influence how States determine the jurisdiction for establishing and modifying child support orders. In North Carolina, this act falls under North Carolina Gen. Stat. § 52C, and after your child support order has been registered with the state, your child support can be modified if certain requirements are met.

Modifying child support orders across state lines is a nuanced issue, and you will likely need legal assistance.

Should You Get a Lawyer for Child Support Modification?

No matter how your circumstances or your child’s needs have changed, a reliable attorney will know how to best help you. Your child support attorney will know what paperwork and motions to file as well as how to protect your interests and those of your child.

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