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5 Ways to Improve Your Self-Care During a Divorce

Divorce and legal separation can prove to be some of the toughest times in an individual's life. You will be presented with issues you need to navigate and resolve and your mental and emotional health might take a hit during this time. The best move you can make for yourself during the divorce process is to prioritize your self-care. Today, we discuss 5 tips to help you do so. 

Tips on Prioritizing Self-Care During a Divorce

Set a time to exercise every day 

The best way to take care of yourself every day is to move your body. When you decide to exercise every day at a certain time of day, it lets your body establish a habit, which means you are more likely to stick to it. It is up to you to decide what kind of exercise fuels you. If you have never exercised before or have been out of the game for a while, try doing 15 minutes of yoga a day or going for a 20 minute walk every morning before work. The benefits of doing as little as 15 minutes of exercise a day are numerous! 

Spend time with the people you care about 

You do not need to go through this process alone. While it may certainly feel this way at times, know that the people who love you want to be there for you. Set boundaries with your friends and family about how you would like to be supported during this time. If you wish to vent without them sharing their advice, tell them you are craving the space to express yourself and be held without the need for a response. If you are looking for their point of view, ask them for help. 

Speak with a licensed therapist

Do not be afraid to speak with a professional if you need additional support. It is often comforting to speak with a neutral, third-party about your divorce and get advice. A therapist can offer expert advice, suggestions, and information in your time of need. 

Change up your environment

Your environment plays a role in your mental health. If you are still living in the home that you and your ex-spouse shared, you might want to make some adjustments. Move the furniture around, paint a wall, buy some new plants, purchase a new piece of furniture that you can all your own, or have a garage sale to get rid of anything you no longer want in your home. Be sure to get your ex-spouse's approval before doing so though. 

Take some time to just be with yourself 

You are going through a lot of emotions right now as you are working through a transition. It is okay to want to spend time to alone to tap into yourself and your feelings. Alone time can do you some good so you can figure out how you are feeling, work through those feelings, and then determine if you would like additional support. Take this new chapter as a time to reconnect with yourself. 

When it comes to a divorce, the right lawyer can make all the difference. If you need assistance navigating yours, contact us online today for support.