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How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

No one ever expects their marriage to end and, if you have children, the experience may be even more challenging, especially when the time comes to tell your children about it. How you choose to handle this conversation will have a profound impact on their ability to cope with the changes brought on by this event, so you must carefully plan the details with your spouse. As difficult as it may be to collaborate on this matter together, it is essential to present a united front.

Breaking the News to Your Children

Before you tell your children about your impending divorce, you and your spouse should agree not to take this as an opportunity to place the blame on anyone. If your children see you pointing fingers at each other, it will not make them feel secure or safe. They need to be assured that, although you will no longer be together, you will still raise them together, as a team.

Here are some additional tips that will assist you in approaching this delicate conversation:

  • Keep the message clear, especially if your children are very young. Let them know you will no longer live together and that your divorce will not change the love you have for them. However, do not get into the details of why you are ending your marriage. You can simply say that you were both no longer happy together.
  • If you have any information regarding what they can expect in the future, provide it. For example, if you are moving, let them know where and how it may impact them. You might not have the answers this early on in the process, so explain to them that you will tell them more as things move forward.
  • It is clear as day to you that your children are not at fault for your divorce, but it may not be clear to them, so you should explicitly tell them.

When you plan to tell your children is almost as crucial as what you tell them. Plan to have this conversation when they have enough time to process it. A weekend would be an ideal time to tell them.

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