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Is There a Difference Between Domestic Violence & Civil Harassment?

Some people confuse domestic violence cases with civil harassment cases, but there is a difference between the two. When a person annoys, harasses, injures, or threatens another person, it can be considered civil harassment. Domestic violence cases usually involve more serve and harsh situations than civil harassment cases and must also meet a relationship test in order to qualify for the charge.

One common misconception people have about domestic violence is that it is a subset of civil harassment, but civil harassment addresses its own definition of “violence” or “harassment.” Domestic violence cases deal with family members or couples who have committed violent or abusive actions. The relationship between the victims and perpetrators is a crucial part of determining if a case meets the criteria for domestic violence.

Acts of violence and abuse that are of a non-domestic nature can be grounds for a civil harassment case. However, civil harassment orders tend to be more difficult to obtain than domestic violence orders. This is because the relationship between the parties is harder to establish than in domestic violence cases.

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