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Preparing for Child Custody Evaluations

Court Ordered Evaluations: What To Expect

If the judge in your child custody case has decided that an evaluation needs to take place and a court decided custody arrangement is in order, its ins in your best interest to be prepared. The evaluation will likely involve a court appointed assessment by a social service worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Your home, all parties involved, and potentially other people in your children’s lives will be included in the process. The evaluation typically takes several months, with multiple visits and interviews.

If your divorce requires this kind of evaluation, it is beneficial to involve a practiced, knowledgeable attorney who can represent you if there is any misconduct or favoritism on the part of the evaluator. Our divorce and child custody attorney at Krusch Law, PLLC can protect your best interest while providing quality legal counsel through the process.

How to Prepare for a Custody Evaluation

If you know that the evaluation process has begun, there are ways to prepare for your part in the process, including:

  • Check your home for safety and health hazards and remedy them to a reasonable standard before the home evaluation is done.
  • Be sure that you have ample, healthy, and age appropriate food in the kitchen.
  • Clean your children’s bedding and be sure to have sheets, blankets and pillows on their beds.
  • Make a reasonable effort to clean your hose before the representative arrives and air out any cigarette smoke, diaper scents, or other unpleasant smells.
  • If you know when the representative is coming, do not play inappropriate or high-volume music as they arrive. (Think of a visit by your grandparents if that helps.)
  • Do not have a large group of friends over when the evaluation is taking place.
  • Make a list of questions that you may have, which shows the evaluator that you are trying and that you care about the impression that you make.
  • Check that everyone who lives at your home is free and present for the time of the evaluation.
  • Prepare a list of references, or witnesses, in case one is requested. Include contact information and their relationship to your child or children.
  • Make sure that the toys in your children’s room or rooms are age appropriate and that any dangerous items are removed.
  • If there is medication or any drug or substance in the home, remove it or store it safely away. This is also true of chemical such as cleaning supplies.
  • Adjust the air conditioning or heater to a comfortable temperature of around 69-73 degrees.

Make a Good Impression

Follow these etiquette guidelines to make a great first impression:

  • Offer the evaluator a glass of water upon arrival.
  • Allow the evaluator to choose where they sit and provide room for them to place their things.
  • Introduce members of the household, and if anyone needs to leave for a prior engagement, advise the evaluator that they will not be available for the duration of the visit. (in case an interview is required.)
  • Turn off music or the television upon the evaluator’s arrival.
  • Have respect for the evaluator’s expertise and trust that they just want to do their job. Cooperation goes a long way.
  • Be honest. Many psychologists and social workers are trained to see through their client’s lies or omitting of truth.

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