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Important Back-to-School Tips for Divorced Parents

With children returning to school this fall, many divorced parents must alter their routine to accommodate new schedules. It is important to make sure your children can smoothly transition into going to school again, which is why it is important to talk with your ex about making sure your kids are ready to return to school.

Establish a Routine for Your Children

Before school starts, you should try to get your children used to their school routine. This includes re-establishing things like:

  1. Bed time schedules
  2. Wake up schedules
  3. Shower / bath times
  4. Meal times

Kids get used to their summer routine, which is why you want to gradually return them to a routine that will prepare them for going back to school.

Study Time

You should start spending an hour or two each day helping your kids with reading, writing, and other exercises that will sharpen their study skills. Because most children use the summer to relax and socialize with their friends, you need to gradually get them to use their critical thinking skills before school starts. This will make the transition into having to homework again much easier to endure.

Meet Their Teachers

To help your children feel comfortable returning to school, it is important to meet their teachers and attend open-house events that are held at the beginning of each school year. Walking with your children around their campus and speaking to their teachers gives you the chance to check out the school and allows them to become more comfortable with the place where they will be spending much of their time.

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