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How to Plan for Divorce

If you are thinking about leaving your spouse, it is important that you don’t make any rash decisions before you have taken the necessary steps to prepare for divorce. In this blog, we give you helpful tips so you can plan your divorce and protect your interests.

Locate & Secure Your Assets

When a couple gets divorced, one of the biggest sources of conflict is the division of assets. Some spouses will try to hide valuable assets from their ex, which is why you need to make a detailed list of all your assets, sources of income, and debts. Knowing this information will be crucial when your lawyer builds your legal strategy. Track down your old tax returns and make copies of any financial records you have that can prove the income of you and your spouse. You should also take pictures of your assets and start keeping track of your spending habits to figure out which living expenses will need to be adjusted once you are separated.

Start Budgeting

Living on one income is a major change, and if you don’t prepare enough, you can find yourself taking on significant amounts of debt to get by. You need to come up with a budget for your legal expenses, as well as your living expenses after your divorce is finalized. Look for areas where you can cut back spending or increase your income.

Consider Other Options

Before you cut ties with your spouse, you should try to see if you can reconcile your differences.  Resolving your marital disputes can end up saving you a significant amount of time and money. You can try mediation or a collaborative divorce if saving money is a major concern of yours.

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