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The Importance of Setting Boundaries During Your Divorce

After you decide it’s time to divorce your spouse, you will need to make adjustments to the relationship that the two of you once had. Part of adjusting to your life after divorce is to create new boundaries between you and your ex. In this blog, we discuss some of the boundaries that need to be set if you are going through a divorce.

Personal Obligations

Getting divorced can be a stressful process, which is why you should avoid taking on too many things. Review all of your personal obligations and figure out which ones can be eliminated. Get rid of the things that drain your energy the most. Set firm boundaries for your decision and don’t let other people prevent you from eliminating the things that cause you the most stress. After your divorce is wrapped up you can return to some of the obligations that you had to cut out.

The Marital Home

One of the biggest obstacles divorced couples encounter is figuring out boundaries for the marital home. It is important to make clear guidelines about accessing the home for the spouse that will be moving out. If you will be living together until the divorce is final, you need to set boundaries and other arrangements for everyday things, such as preparing meals or taking the kids to school.

Friends & Family

When a person gets divorced, it is common for their close friends and family to give them advice on their case. However, if you feel overwhelmed by this, or you simply aren’t interested in hearing their opinions, you need to set boundaries by letting them know you do not want to talk about your divorce. You might have to be stern in your request, so don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings if they continue to ask you about your divorce.

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