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5 Tips to Help Get Through Work During Your Divorce

Even an amicable divorce can be difficult to deal with. After all, the relationship and life that you built with your ex has come to a sudden end. Unfortunately, your mixed emotions don’t simply go away just because you are at work. Sometimes, your feelings about your divorce can interfere with your ability to perform your job duties. To overcome this issue, we give you five tips that can help you get through the work day during your divorce.

#1: Block Messages About Your Divorce

Although you need to communicate with your attorney about your divorce, you do not have to do so while you are at work. Messages about your divorce will only upset you and make you unfocused. Try to converse with your attorney after you are off work. You should keep your conversations structured in order to avoid emotional stress when you are at work. Setting up a structured schedule for speaking with your lawyer can also help you cut down on legal expenses.

#2: Tell Your Supervisor

While you might prefer to keep your personal life private, it is a good idea to let your supervisor know what you’re going through. You don’t need to tell them every detail, but you should inform them that you are dealing with some personal challenges and might have the occasional schedule conflict during this time. You should also ask your HR department about support services available through the company.

#3: Silence or Hide Your Cell Phone

Put your cell phone in a drawer or turn it on silent to help keep you from seeing texts from your friends, family, and spouse. Although you might receive concerned messages about your divorce, they can trigger emotions that can make it difficult for you to concentrate on your work.

#4: Take Breaks

You should walk away from your desk and get some fresh air for about 10 minutes whenever you are feeling stressed at work. It is important to find a place at work where you can decompress and feel safe.

#5: Have a Go-To Answer

Your coworkers are likely going to recognize that something is off about you. Having a response for their questions ready will keep you from sharing too much about your divorce. Keep your response brief, but make sure to acknowledge your appreciation for your coworkers concern.

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