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How Do I Know if My Spouse Has Hidden Assets?

Hidden marital assets is a common concern for spouses going through divorce. This is understandable, as you don’t want to be denied your fair share. According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, 2 out of 3 spouses have hidden assets from their partner. In fact, reports suggest that 9 out of 10 people who hire a lawyer during divorce also use smartphones to spy on and uncover their spouses’ hidden finances. Don’t worry if you’ve become suspicious of your spouse, you’re not alone.

People can sometimes be creative when it comes to hiding money and other assets from their significant other. Funds can be hidden in an offshore account, safe-deposit box, or even transferred to a friend or relative. However, with recent advances in technology, it’s a lot harder to keep assets hidden from your spouse than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

Electronic Paper Trail

The first thing to check if you suspect your spouse of hiding assets is their social media account and web browsing history. Suspicious spouses have also used the following methods to uncover concealed assets:

  • Computer software that tracks discrepancies in financial statements
  • Spy applications for smartphones
  • Hidden GPS devices to find secret withdrawal locations
  • Forensic accountants
  • Tax returns for assets reported to the state or federal government

Get Experienced Legal Assistance

If you suspect that your husband or wife is hiding assets from you, it's critical to hire an attorney who is adept at uncovering hidden assets and capable of handling high-net worth divorce cases. At Krusch Law, PLLC , our firm knows where to look and what questions to ask when it comes to finding assets that may have been hidden by your spouse. Although technology has improved the available methods of investigation for everyday consumers, an experienced attorney can help you through the legal obstacles your case might face.

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