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When Politics Divide You and Your Spouse

Can a relationship stay alive if one person holds democratic views while the other is a right-wing conservative? The recent election period has seemed to divide the country, but in some homes, it has also divided families. Each individual’s stances and convictions can result in occasional contention, but with such a heated election season, these minor controversies may have escalated.

Especially with the media bombarding our lives with paid messages, biased social media updates, and memes floating in and out of view on a regular basis, politics has not been an easily avoidable topic of conversation over the past year and a half. If you and your spouse have differing political views and the topic of divorce has recently arisen, following are some important questions to ask.

Do you and your spouse unconditionally respect one another?
Even if you disagree, you can still maintain, or even grow, respect for one another. When you admire another person, you are better able to see where they are coming from on a particular stance. As soon as your relationship seems to turn toward criticism or disrespect for one another, it is important to approach the situation in a different light. If it is a critical issue, professional help and counseling may be a good move to save your marriage.

What is your method of fighting?
As the saying goes, “opposites attract.” It is okay to disagree on issues, it just depends on how you handle those disagreements. When heavy differences arise, practicing active listening rather than just expressing one’s opinion is essential. It is important to remember that perspectives often differ because of each person’s upbringing, experiences, and belief systems. A healthy relationship will allow for a difference of opinion while trying to understand the other person’s perspective.

Is your relationship more important than your political differences?
This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is easy to allow frustrations of disagreements to cloud your perspective. If the other person contributes happiness to your life and is a person you would not want to live your life without, these political differences may be trivial. If these differences are irreconcilable, it may be a different story.

If you would like to discuss your personal situation further and see what legal route can be pursued, we encourage you to speak with our Charlotte family law attorney.

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