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Reconciliation Agreements

Given the massive financial cost and heartache it creates, divorce should be treated as a last option. If you have already tried other restorative means such as counseling and implementing better communication practices, but have yet to see positive results, you may begin to worry that divorce is inevitable. Creating a reconciliation agreement provides a way for you and your spouse to prepare for the worst while continuing to work at preserving your marriage.

What Does a Reconciliation Agreement Do?

A reconciliation agreement allows you and your spouse to consider what will happen in the event you decide to divorce. It allows you to come to a mutual agreement on multiple important fronts, such as property division and child custody, which may prove much more difficult if you wait to begin the conversation until after you have decided to divorce. If you and your spouse end up calling it quits, having a reconciliation agreement in place can make the legal process of divorce much easier and faster.

Should I Get a Reconciliation Agreement?

A reconciliation agreement may be a good idea if there is any chance you and your spouse will decide to stay together. Even if you are the only spouse with an apparent interest in making your marriage work, it provides an important safety net for both of you.

How Do I Create a Reconciliation Agreement?

If you are interested in drafting a reconciliation agreement with your spouse, the safest route involves working with a family lawyer. If you attempt to create your own agreement, it may not hold up in divorce court or be legally viable. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle by letting our experienced family law attorney give you a hand.

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