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Top 3 Child Custody Mistakes

Divorce can be incredibly difficult for most people, but things can get even harder if the divorcing people are parents. Children complicated the process, not only because of child custody proceedings, but because they can be even more emotionally traumatized than the people going through the divorce. Here are the top mistakes people make during the child custody process.

1. Not Compromising

Divorce isn’t a game, so there is no winner or loser. Refusing to compromise during child custody proceedings can not only draw out the process and cost you money, but it will make you look like an unyielding, emotionally immature individual. Refusing to compromise in a child custody hearing might cause the judge to rule more in your spouse’s favor. Despite your feelings about your spouse, make sure you keep your anger and resentment out of the courtroom.

2. Using Social Media

While social media isn’t bad in and of itself, it can be tempting to post angry and long-winded rants about your spouse to your friends and family. Despite the temporary feelings of joy that rant may bring, if your spouse sees it, he or she could pass it on to their lawyer to use in court against you. For example, let’s say a woman posts a long rant filled with curse words on her blog. Her husband’s lawyer then uses this in court to prove she’s an emotionally unstable person who’s unfit to care for her children. Do yourself a favor and keep away from social media—at least until the divorce is over.

3. Using Your Kids as Pawns

During child custody proceedings, the judge will be looking at what is in your child’s best interests. If he or she sees you and your spouse using your kids in a tug-of-war during the divorce, they might consider other options. Your kids are neither bargaining chips nor messengers and go-betweens for you and your spouse. While you might be getting divorced, they are the unfortunate bystanders that have to watch it happen. As their parents, you are charged with their love and care. Make sure that during the divorce you are doing what’s best for them

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