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How to Create a Parenting Agreement

A divorce may end your marriage, but it does not end your responsibilities as a parent. When you and your spouse opt to get a divorce, you will also need to create a parenting agreement if you have kids. This is an extremely important part of the divorce process, as you and your spouse will decide how you will raise your children together while living as independent adults. There are numerous provisions you must account for in your parenting agreement, so the process of creating it must be undertaken with great care and attention to detail. A skilled Charlotte family attorney is strongly advised for assistance throughout the process.

How to Create a Parenting Agreement

In order to create a parenting agreement, you and your spouse will need to work together and negotiate with the best interests of your children at heart. If you and your spouse are having trouble doing this, then you may wish to consider hiring a mediator for this process.

To start the process, gather everything you may have in the form of documentation you may have received during your divorce thus far, such as any court documents you may have, correspondence from your attorney, previous agreements, and reports from school officials and other people who may have an insight into your children.

Doing this research has two purposes. First, it can help you determine how each parent is involved in their child’s life, and whether that involvement is beneficial to a child’s upbringing. And second, it can help you come to a fair and equal agreement on important parenting decisions.

Important Provisions

A parenting agreement will contain provisions for several very important topics until the time your child becomes an independent adult. The first and arguably most important part is a visitation schedule. This may be based on either negotiation or court child custody orders, and will create a schedule for when each parent will have visitation rights, or access to spend time with their child. This should go beyond just a weekly schedule to also include things such as holidays and what will happen if each parent must go away for a time (business trips, family emergencies, etc.)

The second thing a parenting agreement should include are communication guidelines. For parents who have a strained relationship, having an agreement about how they will communicate both with each other and with their children is important for times in which plans must change. These can also lay out the ground rules for how to handle things like emergencies, which can radically alter plans in a moment.

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