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How to Lessen the Impact of Divorce on Children

There’s truly no handbook for lessening the impact that separation or divorce has on children. Kids are often put in the middle of their parent’s arguments, which can leave lasting emotional scars that often take years to sort through.

This HuffPo article deals with the emotional trauma that the author went through during his youth baseball games where both of his divorced parents would attend. He writes, “The awkward baseball game is a prime example of where divorced parents can go very right or horribly wrong with their children. I know that most divorce kids, like me, think about their parents’ feelings way more than is readily apparent. I would try not to offend anyone, which weighed on me so heavily it would often bring me to tears.”

Parents – the best gift you can give to your children after separation or divorce is to try and ensure civility with the other parent, no matter how angry or upset you are. Whether you like it or not, you are most likely going to see the other parent at public and private events while your children are present. Awkward baseball games are only the beginning. Leave the kids out of it.