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  • Custody Question
    Custody Question

    When parents separate, one generally has primary custody and the other has some form of visitation. This custody/visitation arrangement can come in many forms. If you’re separated and have children, I ...

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  • The Cost of Raising a Child
    The Cost of Raising a Child

    The MSN website had an interesting article today on the cost of raising a child through age 17. The article can be read here . The article includes a chart breaking down expenses by age. One ...

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  • Alienation of Affections Article
    Alienation of Affections Article

    There was a short article on today about an alienation of affections case in Illinois. You can read the article here.

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  • Abandonment in North Carolina
    Abandonment in North Carolina

    Quite frequently, people ask me about abandonment. It usually comes up in the context of “I want to sue him for abandonment” or “I want to move out, but I don’t want him to be able to sue me for ...

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  • Military Service in the Domestic Law Context
    Military Service in the Domestic Law Context

    Last week, the Charlotte Observer ran a story on a mother who was forced to fly back from Afghanistan to attend a custody hearing in Gaston County court. The story can be read here. Although the ...

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  • Child Support in North Carolina
    Child Support in North Carolina

    When two people have a child, they are both primarily liable for the support of that child as long as that child is a minor and not otherwise emancipated. North Carolina, like many other states, has ...

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